5019 16th Street NW, Washington, DC

Built in 1924, this Wardman home was originally owned by the Fleischman family, famous for thier yeast and bakery ingredients. After restorations, it was placed on the Fine Arts Building Registry.
When the house was turned into a church in the 1970's, all the woodwork including the hardwood foors was removed. The mouldings were reproduced using samples from the remaining woodwork on the second floor. When this photo was taken, the stairway was still missing the ballasters. The entire set of steps between the first and second floors was rebuilt.
This white marble floor was imported from Thassos, Greece. It is the same pure white marble that Michaelangelo used for his sculptures.
This Bar was built by Ed Loiseau and Floyd Harrison. They selected pieces from various antique stores and of course, The Home Depot.
First Floor Before Restorations


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